GHM Cine Films for Sale!

As I posted here I’ve recently purchased two 400ft reels of Harrison Marks 8mm Cine Films featuring 4 different films, two on each reel. Well I’ve now had them all digitally converted and no longer need the actual cine reels, so I’ve decided to sell them over on eBay. The reels for sale are:

Reel 1 – The Casting Couch & Cous-Cous on sale here.
Reel 2 – Maid to Satisfy & Amorous Masseur on sale here.

I’ve included some screen captures from 3 of the films below including several that may not have been appropriate for eBay! I’ve not included the Amorous Masseur as I’ve already posted a full version of that film here, although my new copy is much better quality than that one.

They are for sale until next weekend and if anyone from the site bids and wins please do let me know 🙂


The Casting Couch

Maid to Satisfy

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  1. I do believe, for what it is worth, that the girl in ‘The Casting Couch’ is the beautiful Lisa Shannon.

    She has a distinctive look and a good bust, and was kindly named for us by her appearance in Beautiful Britons 238 (Sep 1975) and Spick & Span Extra 56. Also sighted in Nylon Flash, out-boobing three other girls in group photo sets.

    She’s looking pretty spirited in that movie. 🙂

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