Goodbye Tumblr! Another Nail in The Coffin for Freedom of Expression!

Many of you that follow this site may know that before it existed here I used to post and share my content over on Tumblr. My first site Daysgonebyporn was inspired there before I moved to a version of Kamera Club on Tumblr and eventually to here. I now post all my content here as a primary site, but share with other followers on both Tumblr and Twitter.

Well in it’s wisdom Tumblr have decided to enforce a no adult content policy on everyone, which includes literally all my posts! Don’t get me wrong I’m all for protecting minors against this type of content, even vintage glamour such as mine, but there are ways to do this including us as adults taking responsibility for what our children do and view online.

What annoys me more is that the pseudo morality stance these big companies are now taking. Especially when the very content they are now all banning is the very content that got them where they are now! But even more annoying is the 7 years of my content gone and what next? Service providers banning hosting of sites such as mine, where will it end?

Anyway, goodbye Tumblr it was a blast while it lasted, but I live on here 🙂

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  1. I had a similar experience with Yahoo Groups.

    I was using it to load vinglam magazine covers, as a testing ground for potentially a more bespoke site/community.

    One day, they ‘upgraded’ the functionality, making it next to useless, or worse than useless. For example, it was no longer possible to sort content, and any image that you did open, would just float around the screen. This could have been a backhanded way of pushing users away without actually formally cutting them off, or it could simply be bog-standard corporate incompetence.

    Whether it’s Microsoft Excel, your banking portal, or a car, where the foot pedals are in a standard order, what everybody fears, is the corporate idiot that is suddenly given some power, and decides ‘What we need is a new look and a total re-arrangement.’ On many modern corporate web pages, they are virtually empty, and it is a case of finding where the functionality is actually hidden. Then they will move it again.

    The big internet platform companies are now totally politicised, anti-user, controlling, and snoop on everything we do. Zuckerberg was asked out of the blue, at a senate hearing or something, ‘what hotel are you staying at, where were you last night, who were you with, what did you do?’ He said ‘erm, it’s not your business.’ But, anybody with facebook on their phone, has handed him absolutely any info stored on their phone (it’s in the user agreement). Your business is his business, and that’s just Facebook.

    Rant off. Yeah, I lost all my earlier work on Yahoo groups. Build your own site, or don’t waste your time. You did the right thing in setting up Kamera club this way!

  2. Don’t forget Google in its piety against erotic art…But a Real sham is Pinterest!! They kicked me off for content and now I go on Bing search and there is tons of photos that got me removed all located in someones pinterest account! Pinterest is worldwide and they thought they could control content? They need an army to stop freedom of expression; like Putin etc.

  3. Yeah and I was on Yahoo groups too and they drank the Koolaid and now? Yahoo is GONE!!!!! Good riddance!

  4. Another consequence of feminism……Humanity is doomed.

  5. Wonder, have you ever considered making this site totally subscription membership only?

    • I’ve considered all the options, including putting everything behind a membership but then that restricts the content to a large proportion of viewers. It would make my life simpler as negate the need for the watermark copies and download restrictions, but then only a small number of members would see all this lovely content. It seems that all the popular free sites such as Tumblr are now moving away from adult content, so maybe it is time to re-evaluate who see’s the content. Also I have a core set of members that were happy to pay, just not sure many would if it was totally a membership site, but I may be wrong?

  6. Maybe a poll would be appropriate?

    If a large proportion of viewers wish to continue to do so, then the membership route is the obvious one.

    In the not too distant future it seems, non-members will have to choose. It may be better to be ahead of the game as it were.

    • Driver very valid comments and ideas, for now let’s enjoy the run up to Christmas and I’ll evaluate things in January. One thing I think you will see is more members only content going forward regardless of what I decide.


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