Roberta’s Plentiful View! (Original)

Someone mentioned it was Titty Tuesday and you don’t get a nicer pair than those on Roberta Pedon! Not only that but in this shot you get a bit of everything, not only Roberta’s big tits, but also a view of that thick lush pussy and she seems to be highlighting both, by some well placed hands 🙂

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  1. Have you noticed that Roberta Pedon, long thought dead, has reappeared and can be found being interviewed on YouTube in September 2018? Wonderful news, and she looks pretty good.

  2. I knew she’d been ‘rediscovered’ but hadn’t seen this video – pity I can’t speak Italian . . . would be fascinating to hear what she has to say and she looks in very good nick it has to be said – that mouth certainly looks the same, and the nose – will have to check out her ears on pictures but, well, how nice!

  3. Is she asking the viewer to guess the weight?

    • To coin an old saying; “you don’t get many of those to the pound (lb)”

      But, any shot of any model handling their own rather “floats my boat”, to coin another phrase.


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