Out & About With Katy! (Original)

Ah remember the days when it was sunny and we could just pop down the beach, seems like yesterday.

Well here’s a new beauty doing a spot of outdoor flashing. This comes from the Terry Sparks archive and features Katy Malone who is new to this site and me. But wow what a great curvy figure and nice big pair of tits she has! Loving the pose in black panties and stockings kneeling on the beach behind the car door for protection. Now this would be a sight worth seeing if you came across her down at the beach. That’s if we were allowed out!

One for the voyeurs out there, stay safe and enjoy the weekend 🙂


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  1. Another great image, doubt the stockings would have survived but a fabulous pair of boobs and a sexy look on her face…

  2. Thankfully her mother forgot to tell her how to use a towel when changing on the beach 😉

  3. I don’t think she wants to go swimming.

  4. My guess is she is putting it back on – but why did she take it off I wonder!

  5. I remember this shoot taken in July 1969, quite clearly. We left London under a blue sky and by the time we reached the Kent coast it had turned grey and there was a strong cold wind coming off the sea. We did what we could, but the weather beat us and we gave up after a couple of hours. I worked with her twice more but always in a warm studio. Terry Sparks


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