Annette Johnson – Silk Desire (Original)

Annette Johnson sat at a dressing table in open silk dressing gown. This shot from a restored 35mm negative shows her from the late 1960’s with darker hair than the platinum blonde look from her early career. An elegant pose and more of a teaser, as you just see the curve of her breasts and leg on show.

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  1. I think there is just the hint of a nipple coming into view too – but it might just be wishful thinking!
    Very delectable either way.

  2. Nice. Strange model with so many hairstyles and colours and apparently not a Wonder favourite! But at her best, slim and in stockings (Mar 2014, Nov 2013) she is right up there.
    Also a very nice revealing shaven ( Bainbridge?) shot of her in Sep 2014.

  3. Class. Simply class. Wonderful face. Again, pity she isn’t one of the more shown models.

  4. She was a great model – cannot remember seeing a dud shot even among the never printed film


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