Dawn Grayson Uncensored! (Original)

Dawn Grayson laying naked and uncensored on red silk sheets from an original 35mm colour slide. I love this shot because of the contrast of Dawn’s red hair against the sheets. Also it’s one of the few shots I’ve seen of Dawn with a hairy pussy. Nearly all the shots I have of her she is shaven down there, so this is a rare shot of her with hair 😉

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  1. More please. Gorgeous is an understatement when it comes to Dawn.

  2. Wasn’t there a book cover using a picture like this? With roses I believe. Len Deighton? The lovely Dawn graces any pose of course.

  3. I wouldn’t normally put the admittedly beautiful and sexy Dawn at the top of my list but this is a photo to die for – revealing, discreet, guarded and inviting, all done in lovely colour. What a pity, yet again, about her dirty feet!

  4. Perfection!


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