June Palmer – Another Alluring Alley View (Original)

The second and final shot of June posing in an alleyway dressed in a leotard, but wearing it well and showing a bit of cleavage and a hint of nipple through the material. As discussed in the other post here, I wondered about the location of this shot and if it were near to Strobe Studio’s? Thanks to several members including ‘Gypsy Re Bethe’ the location has been confirmed as an Army parade ground at the back of Strobe Studio’s in St John’s Hill. Re knew June for many many years and knows the location very well and helped identify the location of this shot, plus helped me with other locations in other shots.

Unfortunately, the last shot from this set that I have, although I have seen others of lower quality of June from this set and similar posing on the back of a car.


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice.


June Palmer – Cardigan, Leggings & Tree! (Original)

Another original shot of a young June Palmer posing in spotted leggings and black cardigan, as she poses against a tree. This is the start of another mini set of 12 images of June and the Tree from a 35mm film strip sent over by John. They aren’t as good quality as some of the larger format negatives, but with a little tweaking and scratch removal they come up pretty well, like this shot. This shot is about as risky as the shots I’ve got go, with one boob and nipple exposed. I’m sure there must be further films out there where she removes more, but maybe not?


Note: This image is from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice.


June Palmer – S’Trips On The River – Part II (Video)

Now this was a pleasant surprise! A few weeks ago John W sent me another disc of June films from his collection that he had digitized, most were titles I know about, but sat amongst them was this little gem! A 8mm black and white film featuring June I hadn’t seen or known about! The title of the film pretty much says it all, as it features a young June and unknown friend, stripping on the river.

Details of the film can be seen in the box cover below, but it seems to have been produced by Stag Films and was film No.113 featuring Jane (June) and Gina messing about on the river. The other interesting thing is this is part 2, so there is another part to this film out there! I have no idea where or when this was filmed, but at several points during the film both June and Gina are seen coyly waving at passers by, luck them getting that view.

Enjoy this great little find of a new June film 🙂


A Reclining June by Stefan Glass (Original)

Another original shot of June Palmer by Stefan Glass, and another taken in the studio lays on her side elbow under her chin propped up by what looks like three sofa cushions. Once again a truly elegant nude pose from June, with creased photographic background again!


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice.