Nice Negligee Darling!

I came across the first photo over on Tumblr and thought I recognised it as young Britt Hampshire, but was unsure of the photographer until I saw the negligee and recognised that too!

A Young Britt Hampshire in See-Through Black Negligee (Source: Retrogirly)
Eh Up I recognise That Negligee! Jayne Tracey in The Same See-Through Negligee Outside The Cottage Front Door at Ewhurst by Harrison Marks!
I personally think Jayne Tracy fills out and looks better in the negligee!

Miss Britt Hampshire (8mm Film)

Another Heritage Film by Peter Walker, this time introducing Britt Hampshire in a 13 minute glamour film, which states that she has ‘The face and figure you’ll never forget’ and that she was a 17 year old glamour starlet. 

The film is 13 minutes of Britt in various locations, from waking up, having a bath, then relaxing on the sofa before actually putting some clothes on, even if it is only underwear!

A nice simple little 8mm film that titillates, but ultimately shows you little, very different form today’s digital world where everything is accessible and on show!