Sitting Pretty with Sue Owen

I’m not quite sure if I prefer Sue Owen with dark hair or with blonde hair as Suzi Khan, but this is a good shot of her with her dark hair.  Not the most well endowed of models when it comes to boob size, but still a nice pert pair and add in a cracking slender figure and she’s still a lot of people’s favourite.

Paula Page – Blonde or Brunette?

Two shots of Paula Page with her magnificent chest on display, but one as a blonde and one of her with darker hair, but which do you prefer? And does it even matter what colour her hair is, because let’s face it you keep getting distracted by other things! Personally I prefer blondes 🙂

Pamela Green in Colour (Coloured)

Another cheating post with two more images coloured by Oldiznewagain, this time Pamela Green with both images from the late 1950’s. One has her with dark hair and the other with long blonde hair, but a wig and not the blonde hair we are so familiar seeing her with in the 1960’s. Coloured version followed by the original 🙂

Kamera on Location (1957)


Pamela Green – Just Her Dancing Shoes!

A young Pamela Green with short dark hair posing in a ballet pose in just her ballet shoes. This appeared in Grace and Beauty No.2 (1950’s). Poor quality image, but the magazine itself wasn’t in good shape, not surprising for over 60 years old!