Kamera on Location (1958)

In July I eventually managed to get hold of a copy of the 1958 hardback publication of ‘Kamera on Location’ by Harrison Marks. I’ve been after this book for sometime, but whenever it appeared on eBay it always went beyond my financial limit, due to it’s rarity.  Anyway one came up in July on eBay and I found it by accident as it wasn’t published under Harrison Marks, but vintage books. The condition was down as very good, but missing the dust cover and a price of £30, so I decided to go for that price and see what happened, well after 7 days of waiting to be outbid I won it for the asking price and a day later it turned up.

For those purists out there the lack of dust cover may have stopped most people, but for me I was after the book and content itself.

As you can see upon inspection the condition of the book itself is spot on, with the internal pages being clean, crisp and clear. The images of Pamela Green, Marie Deveraux & Lorraine Burnett within are exquisite, as you have seen from the scans here. So from my point of view worth every penny and another of Harrison Marks books to my growing collection. I now have Pamela & Kamera on Location, but still missing an actual copy of Vera & She Walks in Beauty, although I do have full scans of both books 🙂

As an added bonus, included in the book by the seller was the article below from an unknown magazine all about Harrison Marks and Kamera on Location, plus the inside parts of the dust cover.

I love this book and hope you do as I post more pages of it in the coming months … Enjoy!

Pamela Green – The Golden Hour!

Did Pamela Green ever take a bad photo? Looking at those I’ve published and seen so far I don’t think so, in fact the camera loved her and whatever pose she tried seemed to work. 

The above image is a good example of her at her best posing for Harrison Marks on the Scilly Isles for Kamera on Location (1958). Taken with one of GHM’s Rolleiflex (F.16/125) with a medium green filter in the golden hour (The hour before sunset) it captures Pam’s glistening body in the setting sun to perfection.  The shape she had her body, the curve of the hip toward the camera and not even looking at the camera all set this shot up and seems so effortless. Truly the golden age of glamour photography I believe!

Pamela Green Striking a Pose! (1958)

What has quickly become my favourite ‘Non Blonde’ image of Pamela Green posing in long dark wig using a towel as a makeshift scarf/shawl. Taken on a beach on the Isles of Scilly and published in the pages of the hardback book ‘Kamera on Location’ (1958). Similar to another shot from the same set here, it doesn’t really look like Pamela with the pout.

I’ve managed to acquire a very good condition copy of Kamera on Location and I must say the images of Pamela and the other models (Marie Deveraux & Lorraine Burnett) are all fantastic 🙂

Just a Scarf For Protection!

A wonderful shot of Pamela Green and Marie Deveraux in nothing more than a head scarf each! Taken by Harrison Marks on the Isles of Scilly for his hardback publication ‘Kamera on Location’ in 1958. A perfect pose on the corner of an old stone wall with each of them raising a leg to add to the effect of the shot, as well as protect modesty!