Pamela Green by Bertram Park (Coloured)

One of my favourite early portrait shots of Pamela Green by Bertram Park coloured by Oldiznewagain. I posted the original black and white version of this shot some time ago and thanks to the official Pamela Green site for the image source from this post, which goes into more detail about Bertram Park.

June at Home in 1987 (Original)

What an inviting view at home it is as well! June sat on a sofa in her own home taken by Itsgardin in 1987 and a companion to this shot. I’m just loving these shots of an older June in her 40’s as she’s lost none of her poise and sex appeal. Thanks to Itsgardin for sharing them and I’d love to see more from this set 🙂


June Palmer – It’s Not Always About The Body! (Original)

A beautiful close-up of June taken at June and Arthur Howell’s home by Itsgardin in 1987, showing us that it doesn’t always have to be about the body and sometimes a facial shot can express things just as well. Love this shot of June in her 40’s (47 to be precise!) – Thanks Itsgardin.


June by Michael Barrington Martin

A stunning side profile portrait of a 19-year-old June Palmer taken by Michael Barrington Martin in 1959. I have no more details, but maybe taken as part of her portfolio or just as a sitting for MBM, who knows? Stunning profile shot regardless of what it was used for.


June Palmer – Sand Everywhere! (Original)

A beautiful portrait shot of June, but it looks like she needs a good rub down as she’s got sand everywhere! A companion photo to these shots of June posing nude on a beach in various poses with a towel.


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