Portrait of a Young June (Original)

A fantastic portrait shot of June Palmer, probably taken as a publicity shot of her in the late 1950’s. I love the way the lighting highlights her face and bosom, very well placed lighting 🙂


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A Portrait of June (Original)

What must be my favourite close up shot of June and her strikingly beautiful face taken sometime in the 1960’s. I’d put it around the mid 1960’s possibly 1964, as there is sand on her shoulder and the hair looks very similar to these shots? This came from the Minimunster collection again, but I don’t know if it’s cropped from another shot or not, but the quality is most excellent! I could stare at this for ages and she hasn’t even got her tits out 🙂

Update: Thanks to John, he has confirmed that this shot isn’t cropped but an actual close up of June taken by Arthur Howell and that John has an actual print of this shot given to him by Arthur. John has also sent me another shot from this set of June that is equally as stunning, so that will be published shortly 🙂 Thanks John!


June Palmer – A Vision in Sunlight! (Coloured)

I wish I had an original larger version of this shot of June as it’s just stunning and such a simple but beautiful shot of her! Likewise the coloured version from Oldiznewagain makes the shot look equally stunning in colour. From my point of view though, this is another that although good coloured just works well in it’s original state, as some shots just lend themselves to being in black & white. Thanks must go to Oldiznewagain though as I hadn’t seen this shot until I saw his coloured version.