Simply Rona Scott (Original)

Not much really needs to be said about this shot of Rona Scott, so just sit back and enjoy this wonderful shot of Rona and those pendulous tits of hers! Love the merest hint of pussy at the bottom of the shot as well. Thanks again to Kevin for sharing one of his older scans from an original slide.

Rona Scott & Those Fabulous Hanging Boobs!

Two fantastic shots of Rona Scott showing off her pendulous boobs to great effect, one showing them being squeezed between her arms. The other popping out from above her corset as she pouts for the camera. Both very appealing shots, but the latter one gets my vote for the sheer sexiness of it and the fact she’s wearing a corset and black stockings!

A Bamboo Framed Rona Scott

It seems that this bamboo frame was another staple prop for GHM as it appears like the sheepskin rugs in numerous shots! This time the frame is expertly used to show off the figure of Rona Scott and the use of the shadows from the lighting is near perfect. Look at the shadow from the bamboo cane that expertly hides her pubic region, clever or just luck?