Georgette Gautier & The Devil!

An original unretouched medium format negative scan Georgette Gautier (Terry Maloney) by Harrison Marks. Posing on the loft set with various props including the (red) devils head that has appeared in various other shots and locations. This shot also shows a little appendectomy scar that would possible be retouched out for publishing and what a fabulous chest this woman had! Thanks to Kevin for sending through this cracking shot.

Terry Maloney & The Stuffed Leopard!

Terry Maloney by Russell Gay from Model No.14 posing with a stuffed leopard of all things! There are four shots in this magazine of Terry in different poses with the leopard, but thankfully Terry’s massive tits are a much better distraction!

Terry Maloney or Georgette Gautier?

The debate rages on as to whom this model is and all I asked was was it Paula Page! Well thanks to Portland and his investigation I think we’ve solved or come to a conclusion about who the model is? It’s both Terry Maloney and Georgette Gautier, as images of both appear under both names and both have the same figure, boobs etc. So yet another model that used or had different modelling names!

Terry Maloney – The Girl Next Door

After a discussion on this post as to whom the model was, we now have proof that it was in fact Terry Maloney. Evidence provided above from the pages of QT No.26 that they are the same big busted model and thanks must go to Portland for this great piece of evidence 🙂

Some nice outdoor shots of Ewhurst as well!

Paula in Disguise?

An interesting one from Kamera No.29 (1960) and an image of a model I didn’t recognise until I saw a pencil written note on the page bottom saying Paula P? So is this Paula Page in a wig and more make-up than normal?  The figure, shape and size of the boobs sure do suggest that it could be, but the two other images in the same magazine don’t show her full face, so just as vague. Thoughts?

Update: Thanks to Portland the model has been identified as Terry Maloney and not Paula Page as we original discussed and agreed it wasn’t. Good to put another name to a face or should I say body and another model identified that also posed for GHM.