A Model That’s Not Tina Madison (1960)

I’ve come across this model before in other editions of Kamera and seen her referred to as Tina Madison, but I was always very unsure that it was the Tina Madison I’ve posted before, as the body shape looked wrong. The official GHM website in it’s model database also has the model above as Tina Madison and her Kamera Appearances.
Well I now have definitive proof that the top model isn’t Tina, as I have a copy of Kamera No.33 (1960) and they both appear in it! The Tina I know (below) appears on page 3 and 7, the first model appears on pages 9 and 20, so they appear together in one edition, which might be where the confusion comes from. So if not Tina who is the first model?

A Teasing Tina Madison!

Two shots of Tina Madison posing on a single bed in blackcorset, stockings and panties! It looks to be the same bed and set as this shot of her posing with Pat Ebdon and these along with several other shots were republished in the 1950’s Glamour book. Photographer unknown, but likely to be Russell Gay or on of his team.