When June Married Arthur (Memorabilia)

Doing one of my usual trawls of the Internet for anything I don’t have June related I came across this very interesting bit of June Memorabilia over on Vintage Fetish. The one thing that has always been sketchy and up for debate is the date that June married Arthur Howell, as many sites including Wikipedia have it much later than it was. So to my surprise I found a copy of the actually marriage certificate over on Vintage Fetish, which I’ve included below.

So we now know the actual date June married Arthur and that is was a lot earlier than originally thought and was back in 1964, so was actually married to Arthur for 36 years! Another unknown fact to me that has also come to light via this certificate is June’s middle name Margaret!

Thanks must go to Vintage Fetish for finding this information and sharing it with us all and do go take a look at their site, as it kept me busy for hours looking through the models and like June those that Modelled for Harrison Marks.