A Sultry Sue Chester (Original)

A sultry looking Sue Chester kneeling on the sofa topless in black panties and stockings from an original negative scan. A stunning view of Sue and her perky pair, but not by Harrison Marks as all Harrison Marks’ photographs of Sue were taken in one shoot on the Toulouse Lautrec Set of his feature film ‘The Naked World of Harrison Marks’ in the winter of 1965. The photographs of her that he published can be found in Kameras No.71 (13 including the cover) & No.76 with a further two in Femme No.11.

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The Innocence of Peta Gareth! (Original)

Peta Gareth (Karen Townsend) from an original negative taken by Harrison Marks. Another sweet looking shot from Peta as she sits there posing cross legged on the sofa, but we know from previous posts of her that looks can be deceptive and she wasn’t as sweet and innocent as she looked! Sweet on the outside, bad on the inside 😉

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Doing Rude Things!

Yak from the Pamela Green website sent me over this invite to the launch party of the book ‘Doing Rude Things’, which is being republished for it’s 25th anniversary. The forward was written by the great Pamela Green herself and the official press release is below.

Doing Rude Things: The History of the British Sex Film was first published in 1992. It was the first serious study of British soft porn, and it was highly influential. It was made into a TV documentary by the BBC in 1995 and has led to numerous film seasons, video releases, books and blogs that have continued to the present day. The 25th-anniversary edition is vastly expanded and updated with new chapters, design and illustrations. It brings the story of British prudishness and censorship bang up to date.


It’s a shame I can’t make the launch myself to meet David McGillivray the author and get a signed copy, but I’m already otherwise engaged on that evening! If anyone else is interested the details are in the invite above or there is a Facebook events page here. Another book to add to my growing list of glamour related reads 🙂

Brenda Denault & Friends! (Original)


A fabulous set of restored colour prints featuring Brenda Denault and various model friends. The unique thing about these is that they are individual shots from  8 different sets of 8 prints, but all taken at the same time, by the same photographer and same location. They all feature the blue sofa or chair, along with the cityscape wallpaper in the background and of course the models. That must have been some day for the photographer to have this lot all in one place posing like that!

Brenda seems to be the bustier of the models with her tan lined tits hanging down in one shot, with the others on the perkier side! I love Brenda, but if I’m honest I prefer the strawberry blonde (who I’ve posted here) and the dark haired beauty posing on the chair. No idea who the models are other than Brenda, unless anyone can shed some light on whom they are? Some fabulous colour photo sets and I promise I will get round to posting the full sets rather than individual shots!

Thanks again to John from Oxxbridge Galleries for all these fabulous sets and he’s currently selling the originals over on his site if anyone is interested?

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An Almost Sheer Maria! (Original)

Another photo from a set of 1960’s photo’s sent over by John from Oxxbridge, this time with a familiar model in the form of Maria Clarence. A beautiful shot of Maria posing on a sofa covered with a blue silk sheet with slightly lighter and red hair than normal, although saying that I’ve not seen many colour shots of her before this one. I love the sheer black top that almost allows you to see everything in this shot, which does eventually come off! I’ll post the full set soon, but a great sheer shot of Maria!

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