Ronni’s Peachy Rear! (Original)

I love this shot and it’s whole composition, from the rear view of that peachy bum, the white fishnet stockings to the way you can see the front view as well as the back in the mirror reflection. The model is Ronni Phillips from another set of original contact sheets taken by Terry Sparks in July 1971. A perfectly peachy shot!

Gill – Mine’s a Double! (Original)

Gill photographed by Terry Sparks showing off a cheeky pair at the bar! I only have her down as Gill in my collection, so no idea who she really is, but another model that favoured a wig. Loving the cocktail shaker in the shot and I’d definitely have what she’s offering ๐Ÿ™‚

Pamela by Paul (Original)

A very cold and sultry looking Pamela Alexander taken by Paul Pantha (Terry Sparks). I’m guessing from this shot and the others I’ve seen it’s taken in the sea down in Pegwell Bay, which was a popular location for Terry, but I may be wrong? I must say that although she looks cold in this shot she is a stunning woman both facially and her figure ๐Ÿ™‚

Ann Wilson – Perfectly Presented! (Original)

Another shot of redhead model Ann Wilson posing perfectly on the croquet lawn at Ewhurst. Taken by Harrison Marks most of these outdoor shots at Ewhurst went on to appear in Solo No.44 (1965) dedicated to Annโ€™s fine figure. Another shot I donโ€™t think this actual shot made it into publication, but I love the kneeling pose and her completely smooth outlook ๐Ÿ˜‰

Helga Uncovered! (Original)

Another shot of Helga Berk/Berkmann by Harrison Marks from one of my original negatives posing on a bed in one of GHMโ€™s bedrooms in his flat. A great pose and a great nude shot of Helga showing off her slender body and more of her hairy pussy. So H could be for Helga, Harrison or hairy, take your pick!

Goodbye Tumblr! Another Nail in The Coffin for Freedom of Expression!

Many of you that follow this site may know that before it existed here I used to post and share my content over on Tumblr. My first site Daysgonebyporn was inspired there before I moved to a version of Kamera Club on Tumblr and eventually to here. I now post all my content here as a primary site, but share with other followers on both Tumblr and Twitter.

Well in it’s wisdom Tumblr have decided to enforce a no adult content policy on everyone, which includes literally all my posts! Don’t get me wrong I’m all for protecting minors against this type of content, even vintage glamour such as mine, but there are ways to do this including us as adults taking responsibility for what our children do and view online.

What annoys me more is that the pseudo morality stance these big companies are now taking. Especially when the very content they are now all banning is the very content that got them where they are now! But even more annoying is the 7 years of my content gone and what next? Service providers banning hosting of sites such as mine, where will it end?

Anyway, goodbye Tumblr it was a blast while it lasted, but I live on here ๐Ÿ™‚

Gina Baker – Another Highlighted Beauty Revealed! (Original)

I have had several sets of original negatives of this beauty in my collection for a while now, but never posted her, as she was down as an unknown to me. This shot comes from a set of 35mm negatives taken in the studio by an amateur photographer, but I also have a set of her taken by Harrison Marks on the bedroom set in pigtails.

Well now thanks to a happy coincidence I’ve been able to name her and several other unknown models. Last week Paul from Firebird Records sent over a dozen pages of original studio leaflets containing details of the studio’s, the facilities and a list of models on their books and how amateur photographers could book them and how much it would cost. More of that in another post, but amongst the models listed was Gina Baker and upon searching the name it came up with images of the model above. The different model lists have Gina down as 5’0″ tall with long brown hair and her vital statistics of 35.23.35 and you could book her for the princely sum of ยฃ2/2/- per hour in the studio, bargain! At a guess I’d say this shot may well have been from one of those amateur sessions ๐Ÿ™‚

Well It Is December! (Original)

Well it is December and time for the ramp up of all things Christmas related, unless you are one of those sad individuals that’s already had their Xmas decorations up for weeks! A slow ramp up here with the odd related image such as this beauty. An unknown model posing with Santa mask and a rather large candy cane from the 1950’s and I wouldn’t mind finding her under my tree Christmas morning!